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About the Survey Version History Report


The survey version history report allows you to view previous versions in the history of the survey. For each previous version of the survey you may view the report, survey XML, the date of the change, the user that made the change and the number of changes made. Each time a change is saved, a new version is listed in the survey version history.

For more information on how long this data is stored per survey, click here.

1: Accessing the Report

To access the survey version history report from the portal, click the project controls menu and select "Version Control" under "Report":


You can also access a survey's version history during testing, by clicking the "Actions" button in the survey testing toolbar and selecting "View Survey Version History":


2: Viewing the Report

The survey version history report includes the following information about your survey:


1.  Path: Sort by the survey path or click on an instance to access the report. If the latest version of the report contains test data and does not match a previous report, then you will be unable to run the old version of the report due to the mismatched data format.
2.  File: Click on an instance to view the survey xml.
3.  When: The date of each version of the survey. Sort by the date of the survey version in ascending or descending order.
4.  Who: The user that edited the survey.
5.  Changes: The number of changes made to the survey, listed as + for new additions and - for items deleted. Click on an instance to view the details about the change.

2.1: Understanding Changes

When you click on a change instance, you will see two columns. The first column displays snippets of code that were deleted during that change, and the second column displays snippets of code that were added.

For example, the change shown below appeared as "+0 -8 (diff)", meaning that zero items were added and 8 items were deleted in the change. The deleted items are shown in red. In this case we can see the change removed 8 rows at line 7 of the survey xml.


Similarly, the change shown below appeared as "+7 -0 (diff)", meaning that 7 items were added and zero items were deleted in the change. The new items are shown in green. In this case we can see the change added 7 new rows at line 3 of the survey xml.


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