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Recovering Missing Data

This document describes the process for recovering missing or corrupted survey data.

  Requires Decipher Cloud


While it is a rare occurrence, sometimes user actions can lead to the corruption or loss of data from a survey. This generally happens as a result of removing questions from a survey, deleting data records, or making changes to a survey while it is in a live state. If you have corrupted or missing data in your survey, you can take the following actions to recover those lost records:

Recovering Data for a Deleted Question


To restore data for deleted questions, you will need to go through the following steps. Click on any step to skip to that portion of the above video:

  1. Find the version of the XML before the question was deleted.

  2. Create a temporary copy of your study.

  3. Download thesurvey.xml file from the Version Control screen, and upload it into your recovery copy.

  4. Copy the back-up folder over to your recovery directory.

  5. Replace the data folder from your recovery directory with the back-up data folder.

  6. Verify that your data and virtual questions were updated properly.

  7. Add your missing question to the report of the live study.

  8. Use the generate script to create a file with your restored question data.

  9. Using the tabimport script, import your data file back into the live study.

Recovering Manually Deleted Records


To restore data for manually deleted records, you will need to go through the following steps. Click on any step to skip to that portion of the above video

  1. Create a temporary copy of your study.

  2. Navigate to the old-results folder in your main project.

  3. Locate the XXX.results.bin and XXX.results.text files.

  4. Rename and copy the XXX.results.bin and XXX.results.text files to the data folder in your recovery copy.

  5. Use the hmerge command to transfer the restored records back into your main project.
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