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Monitoring Server Status

  Requires Decipher Cloud


You may occasionally need to view your server's status and space details for planning purposes. In Decipher, the serverutil script can be used to monitor overall server health and usage.


Monitoring Server Processes

To monitor all processes currently running on a server, use the following syntax:

serverutil monitor

Running server utility monitoring on the backend runs a “top -c” Unix command. This will show the processes taking up the most resources, sorted from top to bottom.

Analyzing Disk Storage Usage

Total Disk Space

To view the total and available disk space for a server, use the following syntax:

serverutil size server

Passing the size and server arguments to the serverutil script will output the overall accessible server disk usage. The returned statistics include the total accessible disk space, as well as all available / used space and the percentages for each.

Sample output:

Total Disk Size: 158G
Available Space: 129G (86%)
Used Space(Percentage): 21G (14%)

Company Directory Size

A more detailed view of disk usage can be obtained by retrieving the size of each company directory. To view the sizes of all company directories housed on a server, use the following syntax:

serverutil [--sort] [--filter=XXX] size companies

When entered, serverutil will output the total size of each directory (including sub-directories) and the paths to those directories.

Sample Output:

size    path
292K    selfserve/5fb
736K    selfserve/6ab
184K    selfserve/7f0

The following optional arguments can be passed through:




Specify all sizes in kilobytes and sort paths based on directory size, from largest to smallest.


Filter results based on the argument passed to filter. E.g., using --filter='53' would return all lines that contain the number 53.


Note: Similar to the grep command, the --filter option also accepts regular expressions, such as --filter='64.$'

Project Directory Size

For an even more detailed view, you can retrieve the size of individual project directories. To view the sizes of all projects within a company directory, use the following syntax:

serverutil [--sort] [--filter=XXX] size projects <directory>

Similar to the company size script, the project size script will drill down further into a specified directory. Using the previous example, if the directory selfserve/5fb was passed, a list of all its project directories (including projects, data, static files, etc.) will be displayed with their corresponding sizes within that directory. The same optional arguments for listing company size are available for projects as well.

For example, if you use the following to find your largest data directories:

serverutil --sort --filter=data size projects selfserve/796

You would see an output similar to the below:

size(kb)        path
144     selfserve/796/160200/data
104     selfserve/796/160201/data
96      selfserve/796/160202/data
4       selfserve/796/160400/data/old-results
4       selfserve/796/160300/data/old-results

Individual File Size

Often, the sizes of various files on a server need to be known. To view the size for a specific server file, use the following syntax:

serverutil [--sort] [--filter=XXX] size file <filename>

While very similar to the project size script, the file size script would be used for accessing the size of specific files and not directories. Similar to listing sizes for both projects and companies, you have the same optional arguments of sort and filter.

For example, if you wanted to know the size of all state.db files within a project, you would input the following:

serverutil --filter=selfserve/53a size file state.db

Sample Output:

size    path
4.0K    ./selfserve/53a/160600/data/state.db
4.0K    ./selfserve/53a/170600/data/state.db
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