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Relaunching a Survey

You can relaunch closed surveys at any time using the survey actions menu.

  • To relaunch a survey via the Portal:  First locate your project in the Portal and click the "..." button under "Actions" to open the project actions menu. Then select "Relaunch Survey".

  • To relaunch a survey via the Project Overview:  Click "Actions" at the top left of the page. Then select "Relaunch Survey".

Note: Relaunching a project does not disrupt existing data.

In the "Launching Survey" window, click "Launch". The Survey Editor will automatically run test data through the survey to check for errors. This will not interfere with existing data.

The survey will be launched and a confirmation message will appear in the window. In the Portal, the "State" of the project will be updated to "LIVE".

Note:  Contact if your survey does not relaunch in a reasonable amount of time.

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