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Managing SSL Certificates


  Requires Decipher Cloud

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a standard link encryption protocol that establishes a secure connection between a web server and browser. This certificate is needed to enable HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) links for a domain or website.

While all Decipher servers use HTTPS links by default, you can enable these on private cloud servers as well by setting up SSL certificates for those servers.

How It Works

SSL certificates must be purchased prior to setup. Please contact your FV representative for information on costs.

FocusVision manages the purchase of and set up for the SSL certificate using a 3rd party Certificate Authority. SSL's purchased through FV are quick to configure and can be set to automatically renew at the point of expiration.

What You Will Need

Certification configuration requires that you already own a domain with a valid DNS entry (CNAME or A record) that is pointing to to the server you would like certified.

Additionally, your DNS entry must match the certificate being requested.

Please check with your FV representative if you are unsure about whether you have a valid and matching DNS. If you need to create a DNS for your server, click here for more information on setting up a domain alias.

Once you have confirmed that you have a valid and matching DNS entry, contact your FV representative to get started.


The following limitations apply:

  • You can have up to a maximum of 100 domains per certificate
  • EV (Extended Validation) certificates are not available for purchase / setup
  • You can request up to a maximum of 20 new or changed certificates per 7 days
  • Certificates cannot be added to v2 or gmi servers (selfserve and tes servers are OK)

Renewals do not count toward any limit as long as there are no changes to the name or domains attached to them.

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