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Pausing Quotas in Field

Note: This feature is not available for surveys created in the Survey Editor.

Pausing a quota cell allows you to lock it without changing the limits while the survey is in field. Respondents that fall into a paused quota cell will be tagged as overquota.

For an overview of the quota tab in the Response Summary, click here. To learn how to edit quotas, click here.

To pause a quota cell, open the Response Summary for the survey and select the "Quotas" tab. Then click "Еdit Quotas".


Each quota cell will appear with a lock icon. A quota in the unlocked position indicates the quota is not paused; a quota in the locked position indicates that the quota is paused. To pause or lock a quota cell, click the lock icon. Once the changes are complete, click "Save".


Once the changes are saved, the paused quota cell will appear with the lock icon.


To release the pause on the quota cell, follow the same steps just outlined and click the lock icon for the paused quota cell. The icon in the locked position will update to unlocked, then save the changes.

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