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Pinning Tables and the Whiteboard


With pinned tables you are able to select specific tables and charts that interest you and pin them to your whiteboard to create your own static reports from them.

Pinning Tables

To pin a table, click the "Menu" button for the desired table and select "Pin to Whiteboard": 


When you pin a table, it is automatically saved to your whiteboard. Your whiteboard is where you store tables and charts you would like to use to create custom reports.

When you pin a table, it pins the current report configuration for the table. One table can be pinned multiple times if you would like to track different configurations for the same table (e.g., charts, banner splits, filters, weights, etc.)

The report will only show pinned items for the current session. If you apply new report configurations the pins will be reset so you can choose which of the updated tables to pin. The whiteboard is used to store all of your pinned tables (i.e., you will not lose previously pinned tables in your whiteboard when a new configuration is applied).

Viewing Your Whiteboard

Once you have pinned tables to your whiteboard, you can view them by selecting "View Whiteboard" in the "Actions" menu:


The whiteboard will appear with a list of your pinned tables. Viewing the whiteboard allows you to review the tables you've pinned, and delete any you no longer want in your whiteboard:


1.  Pinned tables:  All pinned tables are included in the whiteboard
2.  Quickly select all or none of the tables
3.  Sort by newly added pins or oldest pins first
4.  Delete selected items from the whiteboard, if multiple tables are selected
5.  Click the "Delete" option for individual tables to remove them from the whiteboard
6.  Check the box for tables in order to delete multiple tables at once

Click the X in the top right corner to close the whiteboard.

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