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Saved Reports



A "saved report" is a custom collection of tables and charts that you create, using the tables you have pinned to your whiteboard. You can choose to share your reports publicly or to keep them private.

1: Creating a Saved Report

Once you've pinned some tables to your whiteboard you can create a saved report. To do this, open the "Actions" menu and select "Create Saved Report".


The contents of your whiteboard will appear. Use the toolbar to select all/none, hide items already in the report, quickly sort by when items were added, or delete items. Select the tables you'd like to include in the report. It's possible to pin multiple versions of the same table, so reference the summary to identify the configuration.

Click "Insert Selected" to create a saved report with the selected tables.

The saved report editor will appear, allowing you to further configure the report before saving. The features are highlighted below:

1. Click here to return to Crosstabs.
2. Insert an additional table from your whiteboard in the position "Insert Data" is selected.
3. Tables selected from your whiteboard are included. Select "Chart" or "Table" if you'd like them included in the report (Charts are only enabled if the table included a chart when it was pinned in crosstabs).
4. Delete this item.
5. Click "Move" to drag and drop the table in a different position.
6. View the report after saving.
7. Click here to save the report. Enter:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Access level:
    • Public:  Anonymous users can view the report and logged-in users can edit it
    • Protected:  Anonymous users cannot view the report and logged-in users can only view it.
    • Private:  Only you can view the report.

Once your report is saved the report will load.

2: Viewing Saved Reports

From the portal or anywhere with the main menu, select "View Saved Reports" under the "Report" menu.

Each saved report includes the name, who it was created by, access level, actions allowing you to view, edit or delete, and the date it was last updated. Select the desired report from the list.