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Table Settings in the Question Library


Custom table settings can be attached to elements saved in the element library. Any non-virtual survey element can be saved with table report settings and attached settings are automatically applied to reports when saved elements are added to new surveys.

The following report table settings are saved if applied:

  • Question text
  • Answer text
  • Nets
  • Charts
  • Table Transposing
  • Table percent base

Table filters will not be saved.

Editing Table Settings

To attach report table settings to a library element, first navigate to the element in Crosstabs, and select "Edit Table" under "Menu":


Make your desired changes, then save the element to the library.

Click here to learn more about editing report table settings within Crosstabs, or click here to learn how to save an element to the library.

Updating Saved Settings

The element menu in Crosstabs displays additional information fields when you are working with saved library elements. If no changes have been made to an element since you added it from the library, it will display as "Already in Library":


If the element's table settings have been changed since it was added from the library, you will see the following options instead:


  • "Update Library Item" - Click to attach the current report table settings to the existing element in the element library.
  • "Save as New Library Item" - Click to attach the current report table settings to a new element in the element library.

Elements are always saved with sharing set to “Company”. Existing library elements must have sharing set to “Company” to be overwritable.

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