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Enabling Statistical Testing for Dashboard Tables

Note: The dashboard compat level must be set to "2 (Faster)" or higher for this feature to be available.

The keyword sigtest allows you to add significance testing to a dashboard. You can enable sigtest for the entire dashboard, or on a per-table basis.

To enable significance testing, you would use the following code:

sigtest 1

This will produce the following result:


For information on reading report statistics, click here.

Note: When sigtest is enabled:

  • Stat testing is enabled on the table row and shown when a table is split by multiple segments.
  • Stat column identifies are show in the heading of the columns.
  • Stat testing letters are shown in the applicable "square" matching Crosstabs.

To disable significance testing, set sigtest to 0.

Note: Stat testing levels in a dashboard are not configurable, and are set to 95% / 90%.

Note: Statistical testing is only applicable to dashboard tables, and cannot be enabled for dashboard charts.