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Moderator Checklist


To make sure your InterVu project runs as smoothly as possible, follow the steps below prior to the live meeting session:

  1. Please complete the automated testing link in advance to ensure that your computer is compatible with InterVu technology:
  2. Send your project stimuli to the IV team (if applicable)
  3. Schedule a training session / equipment test with your assigned InterVu Project Manager
  4. On the live project day, login to your online meeting room early
  5. Contact if you have any questions

Additional Tips

Additionally, you'll want to keep the following details in mind for each project:

  • Your InterVu Project Operator will have the meeting room open 1 hour before the first session. Log in early and make sure you are all set.
  • Your InterVu Project Operator will be reaching out to all your respondents to connect them to the meeting room for you.
  • If your sessions on the live project day are back-to-back, remain logged in between interviews (no need to reconnect).  
  • Please allow 24 hours for your recordings to process.
  • You can access your archived recordings using the same login information as the live sessions.  
  • Post-project deliverables such as screenshots and polling results will be sent via email by your Project Manager or InterVu Project Operator upon request.
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