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Moderator Refresher Guide


The Moderator Refresher Guide serves as a refresher of what you may have already learned about the InterVu platform, and includes the following details:

  • Utilizing the Presenter Only Area (The Virtual Backroom)
  • Starting your webcam and using the share-pod tools
  • Whiteboard-style markup capabilities
  • How to share your computer screen
  • Navigating stimuli Layouts and Polling Pods

If you have questions or concerns, or you feel you would like another training session or some more clarification on a specific area, please do not hesitate to contact your FocusVision InterVu Project Manager, or another member of the team via the following email address:  

The Virtual Backroom

The Virtual Backroom (VBR) has a variety of options for engaging with respondents during live meeting sessions. You can use the available modules to chat with participants, share activity pods or your computer screen, and make live marks to demonstrate actions.

Navigating the Meeting Space

Choosing a Layout

You can use two methods to change the layout for your meeting space:

  1. Click "Layouts" in the menu bar and choose a different layout from the drop-down menu.


  1. Select a different layout from the mini menu that is normally docked to the right of the POA.


Using Polling Pods

To view how each respondent voted in a polling pod, click the "View Votes" button:


This menu is individual to each user and not visible to respondents. To show vote percentages to respondents, click "Broadcast Results".

Additional Considerations

Getting Help

Your in-room technician is there to help you in any way you need. If you would like to speak with your technician outside of the platform, click into the "Tech Contact" pod to view their contact information.

They can be as involved or uninvolved in running your project as you want. If you want them to execute all transitions and take control of activating mark-up tools and polling pods, discuss this during your dry-run sessions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out ot your FocusVision InterVu contact directly, or alternatively, you can email the entire team at

Room Rules and Reminders

The "Backroom Reminder" pod provides a quick reminder to all VBR attendees on what to do during the meeting session.

Client Chat

The Client chat pod is only visible to those with Host or Presenter status, and allows you to communicate internally during the live meeting. To participate in the group chat, enter your message into the text box and click the speech bubble or hit "Enter".

Private Chats

Private chats can be initiated between all clients, observers, moderators, and technicians. To initiate a private chat with another attendee, navigate to the Pod Options menu, click "Start Chat With" and select the attendee(s) from the list.

Share Pod Options


  • Draw:  Activates the markup tools. Only visible to those with the appropriate permissions (i.e., hosts, technicians, and participants who have been granted access).
  • Pointer:  Use to indicate specific areas for a document. Click within the pod to place an arrow.

Note: Arrows are not permanent marks.

  • Stop Sharing:  Closes the document open within the shared pod. Please DO NOT click this button.
  • Fullscreen:  Opens the pod in a full-screen view. This option is unique to the individual user and needs to be deactivated to return to the main screen. To deactivate fullscreen mode, click the button again.
  • Pod Options:  More technical options for the pod. Please DO NOT click this button.

Making Live Marks

When the "Draw" button is enabled, a vertical toolbar opens along the left side of the document:


1. Selection Tool:  Use to move or select individual marks.

2. Drawing Tools:  Choose from Marker, Highlighter, Pen, or Pencil*.

3. Eraser:  Use to remove selected marks.

4. Text:  Insert text*.

5. Stamps:  Double-click for a selection of insertable pre-loaded shapes*.

6. Undo:  Cancel your last-created mark.

7. Redo:  Re-insert your last-created mark.

8. Hide Toolbar:  Hide the toolbar from view.

*Colors and sizes can be selected from a secondary set of boxes, which appear when this tool is selected.

Sharing Your Webcam

To activate and share your webcam, click the "Start My Webcam" button in the Camera pod or "Start" in the grey title bar.



Then click "Allow" in the Adobe prompt.

Once a small preview version of your webcam feed appears, click "Start Sharing" to share your feed.

Note: Alternate webcam layouts are available. If you'd like to learn more about these, please ask your project manager during training.

Sharing Your Computer Screen

To share your computer screen, click "Share My Screen" and select one of the Desktop, Applications, or Windows options from the pop-up menu.



Once you have chosen an option, click "Share". Your screen will automatically transition to a full-screen view of the shared application. For all other participants, the shared application will fill the Share pod.

Note: Other participants can click "Full Screen" to maximize their view of your shared screen.

The Share Screen Control Panel

While you are sharing your computer screen, you will have access to the "Share Screen Control Panel", which provides tools you can utilize without interrupting your live share.


The control panel is completely transparent to all attendees and will not show in the recording. You can move the panel around by clicking and dragging the top bar, or you can minimize it if you feel it is obstructing your view.

Within the panel, you can view what you are currently sharing to ensure that the appropriate view is displayed to other attendees. You can also choose to stop sharing, pause the screen, or add annotations as you go. Additionally, you can click the webcam icon to view all active webcams in the meeting room, or to start, stop, or pause your own webcam feed.

VBR Do's and Don'ts


  • Use the Chat pod to communicate with other VBR users.
  • Resize your VBR to suit your needs.
  • Make live marks of important parts of the session using the "InterVu Live Marking Pod".


  • Touch any of the share pods, other than the Chat pod -- any changes you make are visible to all users.
  • Click any of the pods or toolbars in the main meeting room -- this can affect moderator and respondent connections.
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