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InterVu Backroom User Guide


This guide outlines the available tools and functions of the virtual backroom area of the online meeting room, as well as best practices.

Available Room Pods

Attendee List


The Attendee List pod will display a list of names / identifiers and telephone connection for all meeting attendees. The list is split into the following sections:

  • Hosts:  Moderator and technician
  • Presenters:  Clients and observers
  • Participants:  Respondents

Note: Attendee status and access permissions are set by the Moderator or FV technician.

Client Chat


Everyone Chat

The Client Chat pod is only visible to those with Host or Presenter status, and allows you to communicate internally during the live meeting. To participate in the Everyone group chat, enter your message into the text box and click the speech bubble or hit "Enter".

Private Chats

Private chats can be initiated between all clients, observers, moderators, and technicians. To initiate a private chat with another attendee, navigate to the Pod Options menu, click "Start Chat With" and select the attendee(s) from the list.

Live Marking Pod


The InterVu Live Marking Pod enables you to make live marks during the meeting that will appear in your archive. All you have to do, is click “Create A Mark,” type a brief description of the segment you are indicating, and then hit Enter on your keyboard to save.  

Tech Contact


Your in-room technician is there to help you in any way you need. If you would like to speak with your technician outside of the platform, click into the "Tech Contact" pod to view their contact information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out ot your FocusVision InterVu contact directly, or alternatively, you can email the entire team at

Backroom Reminder


The "Backroom Reminder" pod provides a quick reminder to all VBR attendees on what to do during the meeting session.

Room Do's and Don'ts


  • Use the Chat pod to communicate with other VBR users.
  • Resize your VBR to suit your needs. To resize the VBR, click the grey bar and use your mouse to slide it left or right.
  • Make live marks of important parts of the session using the "InterVu Live Marking Pod".


  • Touch any of the share pods, other than the Chat pod -- any changes you make are visible to all users.
  • Click any of the pods or toolbars in the main meeting room -- this can affect moderator and respondent connections.

Additional Considerations

  • Clients access the backroom strictly as observers.
  • You can utilize the Virtual Back Room, but cannot talk directly to respondents.
  • Any and all last-minute changes and / or additions can be directed to the technician who will help to put them into effect.
  • The technician will be present throughout the entirety of the session.
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