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How to Submit a Respondent Schedule


Prior to running an InterVu project, a project’s listed Recruiter will receive a Recruiter Setup email.

The Recruiter Setup email includes a respondent worksheet, which must be completed by the Recruiter and sent back to the InterVu Coordination Team at


Submitting the Worksheet

All worksheets should be submitted to the Coordination Team a minimum of 48 hours prior to the respondent’s scheduled meeting. Additionally:

  • All respondents should be listed in chronological order -- first by InterVu Date, then by InterVu Time.
  • Any additions/changes made to the grid should be highlighted in the following manner: YELLOW for new additions, GREEN for changes, and RED for deletions.
  • If requested, FV webcams will ship via UPS and are subject to following requirements and deadlines:
    • All shipping requests must be submitted by 5:00 PM ET.
    • Shipping times vary by country and although US shipments are sent via Next Day delivery, shipping lead-times vary by county. Please ensure we receive your request with enough time for the webcam to be delivered and tested.

Once the completed worksheet is received, the Coordination Team will add all listed sessions to the schedule and confirm back with the Recruiter.

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