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Communication with Respondents


Once the InterVu team receives the respondent's contact details and schedule information from the recruiter, they will send an email invitation to each individual respondent.

The Email Invitation

The email invitation allows the respondents to test their computer in advance and login to the InterVu web platform.

  • Once a respondent has clicked on the test link, they will be taken through an automated systems test that will flag any potential issues prior to the meeting session.
  • If a respondent successfully passes testing, they will not be contacted again until their scheduled session time.
  • If a respondent fails the test or does not test in advance, IV technicians will begin making follow-up calls to offer assistance and prompt them to complete testing.
    • Calls will begin 3 days before the respondent’s scheduled session with a maximum of 1 call per day.  
    • On the day of the live session, technicians will call out to each respondent to assist with the login process (as needed).  

Note: Please let your IV project manager know if you would prefer that the InterVu team does not contact your respondents directly.

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