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Project Central for Recruiters


The Project Central page is the scheduling portal where all respondents' scheduled meeting times are listed by project date. This page also keeps a real-time record of your respondent’s testing status for your reference.

Accessing Project Central

To access the Project Central page for your project, click the link provided in your setup confirmation email. Then login using your FV Librarian credentials:


  • To create a Librarian account, click here.
  • If you already have a Librarian account but forgot your password, you can reset it here.

Viewing Project Central

The "Project Central" page displays the testing information for your project, including a breakdown of all scheduled meeting sessions and the testing status for each individual respondent, updated in real-time.


1. Master #:  Your FV master project number.

2. Project Dates:  The project dates; you can view information for a particular project date by selecting it in the drop-down menu.

3. Session:  The meeting session name and time. All meeting times are displayed twice - once according to the timezone of the individual respondent, and once according to your own local time ("My Time"). If an In-Depth Interview (IDI), the code will be listed here as well*.

4. Respondent:  Respondent information. Includes the respondent's name / identifier, and any contact information on file. If the respondent is part of a group, the group name / identifier will be listed here as well.

5. Invitations Sent Date:  The date the invitation email was sent to the respondent.

6. FV Provided Webcam:  Webcam shipping details. Indicates whether a FV webcam was sent to the respondent and displays the date it was shipped.

7. Test Results:  Testing status information. Includes whether the respondent's system has been tested and if it passed or failed. Also includes the date of the respondent's last login.

8. Status:  Current respondent status and next actions. If "OK", the respondent's system has been fully tested and they are ready to participate in the project.

*IDI / White Glove Codes:

  • CRP: Called, Reached, Passed
  • CRW: Called, Reached, Will Test
  • CR-DNC: Called, Reached, Do Not Call again before project
  • CVM: Called, Left Message
  • CNA: Called, No Answer or voicemail left


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