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Respondent Testing Procedure


Below is a breakdown of the procedure undergone by all respondents to prepare their systems for online meetings with InterVu.

The Email Invite

Upon receipt of a respondent's contact email and confirmation of their meeting time/date, the below email invite is sent to them from


1. Greeting: The respondent's name will automatically replace "Respondent". The normal format of the name is forename + initial of surname (e.g., "Mike C"), as this helps to maintain anonymity whilst reassuring respondents that the invite was intentionally and correctly sent to them.

2. Meeting Time: The meeting date and time, as previously confirmed by the respondent. All times will be listed in respondents' personal timezones, if known.

3. InterVu Link: The InterVu link is uniquely generated for each respondent. Respondents can use this link to test their system and to access the live meeting once it has started.

4. Camera Testing:  If a respondent's meeting will not involve the use of a webcam, this text is adjusted and the link will not include a camera test.

5. Meeting Access: Respondents can request access to their meeting 15 minutes prior to its scheduled start time. The time here is adjusted to reflect this according to their start time.

6. Notes: The notes in this section are designed to help answer the most common questions, and to curtail the most commonly encountered issues.

System Testing

When a respondent clicks their InterVu link, they will be taken to an online testing portal where both their computer and webcam are evaluated prior to their meeting.


The image below shows an example of the computer portion of the testing process. This test will ensure that the respondent:

  • Is using a compatible device (laptop or desktop computer)
  • Is using a compatible browser
  • Has an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash installed on their device
  • Has an adequate internet connection speed
  • Has the appropriate firewall / port access from their device or network


If a respondent's system fails any of the checks above, they will be notified with a "FAILED" test result that details the appropriate action(s) needed to help them pass the test.

Note: Additionally, respondents can reply to their email invite for the IV team to assist / troubleshoot as needed.


After successfully testing their computer, the respondent is directed to a webcam testing page, if applicable. Here, they are asked to select their webcam from a drop-down menu that includes all cameras installed on their computer:


In most cases, there is only one camera installed and therefore only one option in the drop-down.

Once the correct camera is selected, they must click "Allow" on the Adobe Flash Player Settings popup to grant the site permission to activate their camera:


If successful, their webcam feed will appear in the preview window and they can click the "Yes" button to continue. If their camera feed does not appear in the preview window, they can click "No" to cancel and report the issue. This will inform the InterVu team and they will follow up with the respondent to troubleshoot their setup.

The Waiting Room

Upon successful completion of the tests, the respondent will be directed to the InterVu Waiting Room, where a countdown timer ticks down to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled meeting start time:


When the timer reaches zero, a "Join" button will appear. When a respondent clicks the "Join" button, the FV technician running the project is notified that the respondent is ready to enter the room.

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