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How to Book an InterVu Project

Booking the Project

To book an InterVu project, click the following link and select “Book Now” under InterVu:

Note: From the booking portal, you can also request a quote by clicking “Request a quote”.


Required Information

On the Project Booking page, complete all applicable fields and submit your booking:


  • Primary research agency contact person (name, company name, email address)
  • End client contact person (name, company name, email address)
  • Billing contact person (name, company name, email address)
  • Billing/invoicing mailing address
  • PO#
  • Moderator contact person (name, company name, email address)
  • Recruiter contact person (name, company name, email address)
  • Simultaneous translator contact person - if applicable (name, company name, email address)
  • Country that research is taking place in (and language if not English)
  • Dates needed for study, including daily start & end times

Interview Types and Usability Studies

The following interview types are available:

  • IDI:  In-Depth Interview (1 Respondent)
  • FG:  Focus Group (2 or more Respondents)
  • IDI / FG Mix
  • Webcam enabled:  Respondents and moderator will be on webcam
  • Non-Webcam:  Neither the Respondents nor the moderator will be on webcam, but all users will be logged into the meeting room and able to view stimuli materials
  • Phone only:  Respondents are not logged into the online meeting room, but all users are connected to the conference line, which is also recorded
  • In Facility:  Respondents will be arriving in person at a facility location and their session will be recorded there via the InterVu platform (using webcams and speakerphones)
  • Usability Study: You can share either the Moderator or Respondent’s desktop for web usability studies. Through InterVu’s screen sharing application, you are able to watch the Respondent navigate through a website, document, survey, etc., while following along with their cursor movements

Upon submitting your booking, you will receive a booking reference confirmation number and the InterVu Coordination Team ( will follow up with you if there is any missing information.

Once your project has been booked, you will receive an InterVu master project number, which will be your reference number throughout the study.

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