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Common Exercises with InterVu

Displaying Stimuli Materials

Display presentations or images in PDF/PPT/PPTx/JPG/PNG format to view and discuss with the respondents. Any of these files can be marked up by the Respondent or Moderator throughout the meeting using a variety of available draw tools (pens, highlighter, stamps, etc.).

  • Example of a shared PPT slide prior to markup:


  • After markups are applied:


Video and Audio files (Mp4, FLV & Mp3) can be uploaded for real-time playback, which has pause, fast forward and rewind capabilities (video also has mark-up capabilities).


Sorting Exercises

Drag-and-drop exercises can be setup to allow the respondents to rank/sort images or messages. These are designed using pre-loaded marks (stamps in a “bank”, such as: checkmarks, crosses, and words) for the respondent or moderator to then place on the stimuli material.

  • Example of a shared exercise prior to mark up:


  • After markups are applied:


Polling Participants

Polling questions can be presented alongside stimuli materials or on their own. InterVu supports questions in a multiple choice, short answer or multiple answer format.


As a Moderator or Client, you can review the polling results for each question, in real-time by clicking the “View Votes” option on a given poll.



Note: All polling data and marked up stimuli are compiled at the end of each project day and available upon request.

Screen Sharing

Share either the Moderator or Respondent’s desktop for web usability studies. Through InterVu’s screen sharing application, you are able to watch the Respondent navigate through a website, document, survey etc while following along with their mouse movements and desktop navigation.


During a screen share, you can “Pause and Annotate” the desktop view for further discussion.


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