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How do I log in to the FocusVision portal?

Logging In

You are able to register and login to the self-service portal via the URL Once you’ve established an account, those same credentials will give you access to other FocusVision services such as Video Insights, Revelation and Decipher. Please note that you will still require the Master Code and password for standard LiveVideo (formerly VideoStreaming) and InterVu depending on your organization’s security policies.  

If you experience any issues while registering, please contact Technical Support at If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” button located on the login page.


Viewing the Dashboard

Once you’ve accessed the portal, you should be able to see all of your completed projects, projects that have been booked but not yet completed for both LiveVideo and InterVu.


All projects can be searched, confirmations can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format, for your convenience.

All projects at least 1 day in the future can be edited.

Cancelling a Project

Projects can be cancelled at any time using the portal. A pop-up will notify you if a fee will be applied for the cancellation.


Editing a Project

You are able to edit the future dates of a project using the portal. You’re able to change Project Specifications and Schedule as well as Billing Details information.

Booking a Project

The portal also allows you to book a project using the green “Book a Project” button in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be asked to select InterVu or LiveVideo to proceed to the next step.


You can also now select a template which can prepopulate the ‘End client’ and ‘My Agency’ details as well as ‘Billing Details’.

Templates can be created from the ‘Profile’ page or can be saved at the last stage of booking a project.


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