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Are mobile devices / tablets compatible with InterVu?

Respondents are technically able to access the online meeting room to participate in a live session using a compatible mobile device, however we still recommend all respondents use a computer with hard-wired internet connection. Using a mobile device involves the following caveats:

  • Mobile device users will not be able share their screen (e.g. to show a website) or to request control of a screen share.
  • Interactive features like polling will require the entire use of a respondent’s screen, so they will not be able to see a webcam or stimulus when voting.
  • The image quality for mobile devices is typically much lower than a standard webcam. Their connection to the meeting room may also not be as reliable, as they will need to be connected via WiFi.
  • As there is no automated testing process for mobile device users, the process is more extensive to ensure they fully understand the login process. The respondent will also need to download a free application to participate.
  • Client viewers are able to access the live online meeting room through a compatible mobile device.
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