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How does simultaneous translation work with InterVu?

The moderator and respondent will log into the online meeting room normally and conduct the live session in their local/native language.

During this process, the translator will log into the online meeting room, listen to the local/native audio broadcast (preferably with headphones), and then interpret the discussion into a secondary conference line.

Observers have the option to listen to the local audio through their computer speakers, or mute their speakers and dial into the translator’s conference line to listen to the live translation. Observers are provided with an automatically muted pass code during the login process, so as not to interfere with the live translation.

Additionally, an InterVu live technician will be logged into the meeting room throughout the duration of the project day to monitor both conference lines and client chat, as well as assist with connecting the translator and observers to the conference as needed.

Note: InterVu records both the local/native conversation and the live translation, so both sets of audio will be available later on in the FocusVision archive.  

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