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Survey Project Selection

The Survey Project Selection page is a list of all active, inactive and closed projects on the installation. On this screen, users can see general information and select the survey project they wish to work with. Survey visibility is dependent on the user's permissions - the user must be given access to a project to see it on this page. For more information on user permissions, see Users and Privileges.


Status is the first column of the Survey Project Selection screen. It uses a set of colored icons to display the current status of a project:

 Survey is fielding and accessible to respondents. You cannot add or remove questions from live surveys.
 Survey is in edit mode and not accessible to respondents. User has full editing rights to this project.
 Survey has been closed. Closed projects are not accessible to respondents and can be archived.

ID is the project identification number (PID) and is used throughout the software to reference the survey, including the URL that respondents use to access the survey. When contacting technical support, the PID is a crucial piece of information for troubleshooting.

Survey Name is a user-assigned name for the project. Click on the survey name to select this project. This field is fully searchable in the survey selection screen.

Job Code is an optional name or code that can be applied to a project for easier searchability. Clients typically use this for internal tracking, billing numbers, or to reference end clients or third party panelists and vendors. This field is fully searchable in the survey selection screen.

Author is the user who created the project and maintains full permissions for it.

Created displays the date and time when the survey was created. Last Modified shows when the project was last accessed by a user.

Data Points displays the number of data points in the survey. This includes all hidden, prepopulated, and visible questions within the project.

Completes shows the number of completed surveys in this project.

Type is the primary access mode for the project. There are two modes:

 Survey is available in Desktop/Laptop Mode. Mobile, Tablet, or Feature Phone mode may also be enabled, but the primary access mode is desktop.
 Mobile only mode. A survey with this icon is primarily for mobile use. If "Enforce Device Support" is set to Yes, desktop/laptop respondents will not be able to enter this survey.

For more information on Access Modes, see Survey Properties.

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