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Facebook Integration (Survey)

Use the following instructions to set up the Facebook feature for usage within Kinesis Survey. This feature is intended to allow for recruitment to a survey directly from a Facebook page. When Facebook users access the survey in this way, additional Facebook profile details for the user can be passed directly into the survey.

1:  Creating an Application in Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and visit:
  2. Enter an application name (e.g.: KINESIS APP)
  3. Agree to Facebook Terms

2:  Getting Basic Information from Facebook

1. Web Site Tab
  • Write down Application ID
  • Write down Application Secret
  • site URL: Kinesis survey install URL (e.g.:
  • Site Domain: Survey install domain name (e.g.:
2. Facebook Integration Tab
3. Advanced Tab

3:  Creating a Page in Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and visit:
  2. Enter a page name (e.g.: KINESIS PAGE)
  3. Agree to Facebook Terms
  4. Once the page is created, write down Page ID from the Page URL (e.g.:

4:  Integrating Facebook application with Kinesis Survey

In your Survey Properties, there will be a tab for External Services. Enable Facebook Integration on this page, and supply the following information in the inputs provided:

  1. Facebook Application ID
  2. Facebook Application Name
  3. Facebook Application Secret
  4. Facebook Page ID

5:  Launching a Survey to Facebook

5.1:  Design Invitation: The Facebook Invitation type

Once your Facebook app has been integrated into your survey installation, a new invitation type called Facebook Invitation will be available. Select this invitation type to use.

Invitation Name
This name is the internal name given for an invitation. It will never be shown to any of the respondents. Please enter a descriptive name for your invitation design. Each invitation must have a unique name.
Survey link text
This is the text that will display instead of the survey URL. If the survey link text is left empty, the server URL of the link is used instead. Survey link text is optional.
Survey link caption
This text will show up underneath the survey link as a caption. Survey link caption text is optional.
Survey link description
This text will show up underneath the survey link as a description. Survey link description text is optional.
Picture link
This link is used to add an image to a post, which will show up to the left of the survey link. Picture link is optional.
Media link
If the media link option is used, the image will become clickable and once clicked, the flash video will play. When using media links, the Picture linkfield becomes mandatory. The picture will be used as a preview for the actual video. Media link is optional.

NOTE: Posts using Media links may not work on all mobile devices. In some cases, the post may not show up at all for those users (depending on their device).

NOTE: Please note that as of Facebook API Version 2.9 or July 17th 2017, posting of the following fields is no longer possible:

  • Survey Link Text
  • Link Caption
  • Survey Link Description
  • Picture Link
  • Media Link

5.2:  Scheduling Invitations

The Invitation Scheduler can be accessed from the Invitation menu or from the Schedule Invitation icon next to each invitation in the Invitation Designer. After selecting which invitation to schedule, the Invitation Scheduler Wizard will require you to schedule the Main launch date and time

The following screen will list all scheduled invitations and there will be several actions to choose from:

  • Confirm Invitation: This must be done before any invitations are sent out. Make any last checks or revisions and make sure that the survey is published before confirming the invite.
  • Preview Message: The preview lets you view your invitation from your browser.
  • Edit Message: This will let you change the invitation design and scheduling options.
  • Delete Invitation: This will delete only the scheduled invitation and not the invitation design.

6:  Facebook Invitation FAQs

See below for some frequently asked questions regarding the Facebook application.

6.1:  Can I invite specific people to my Facebook survey?

Not through Facebook. The Facebook survey invitation will show to everyone who likes your Facebook page. To invite specific respondents, you will need to use a different invitation type. More information can be found here.

6.2:  Who will see my Facebook Survey invitation?

Anyone who likes your page can see the survey invitation. In order for an individual user to complete the survey, they will need to allow your Facebook app to have access to their information.

7:  Facebook Application Usage

7.1:  Available URL Parameters

The following parameters are available in the incoming URL:

Parameter Function
$IN_uid The user's Facebook Unique Identifier
$IN_name The user's first and last name
$IN_first_name Pipes in respondent's first name from Facebook
$IN_last_name Pipes in respondent's last name from Facebook
$IN_link The link to the user's Facebook profile page
$IN_gender Pipes in respondent's gender from Facebook
$IN_fb_email The user's email address on Facebook (if shared)
$IN_timezone The user's timezone offset from UTC
$IN_verified The user's account verification status (true or false)
$IN_updated_time The last time the user's profile was updated

Note that you will still need to build out hidden questions in your survey and use the prepop from URL feature to store any user data passed in by Facebook through the incoming survey URL.

8:  Additional Information

Facebook API Reference

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