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Question Groups

Question ranges can be grouped together, most often for the purpose of conditionally bypassing the range or randomizing the display of the questions within.

1:  Creating Groups

Question groups are created within the Survey Editor, by selecting the first and last question in the range and clicking the group icon, 

Next, enter the properties for the group:

2:  Group Properties

Groups can edited at anytime, by clicking on them within the Survey Editor. A series of consecutive question groups can be randomized using the Rotational Groups feature.

2.1:  Group Name

Label the group for easy identification. This name is not seen within the survey and is primarily for description purposes.

2.2:  Conditional Logic

Similar to individual question conditions, if the statement returns TRUE the group is shown and if it returns FALSE it is bypassed.

2.3:  Randomize the Following Members

Select which individual questions you wish to randomize within the group

2.4:  Randomization mode

If individual questions are selected to be randomized, defines how they will be randomized.

2.5:  Force Page Break

Will place a page break on the last item in the rotated group, regardless of which is displayed last.

3:  Nested Groups

There is no limit to the number of total groups within a single survey and a group can be nested within another group.

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