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To use branching, you must first have your survey questions programmed and implement logic in a second step. To insert a branch, first open the question in your survey that determines where a respondent would branch from (i.e., the question of origin). Use the pulldown menu under ‘Branching’ to indicate where respondents should be sent. Respondents will by default be sent to the next question unless branching (or conditional logic) is programmed; therefore, it is not necessary to program branching for questions unless some are being skipped.

When using branching, it is possible that you will encounter more complex situations in which branching is contingent upon multiple prior responses. In this instance, go to the Advanced Properties tab, enter the necessary logic in the box, and indicate via the pulldown menu where branching should occur.

Should you have multiple complex conditions for a single question, you will need to use Conditional Logic to program.

While both branching and conditional logic are available in the Survey Editor, Kinesis recommends using conditional logic with Question Groups for multiple reasons. Conditional logic is typically much easier to troubleshoot from your Survey Editor, as each question or group is clearly marked and conditional statements are easy to review. Conditional logic also allows for greater variety of syntax options, as multiple conditions can be placed on both visible and hidden questions. Branching is limited to one branch per question, except when used in Radio Questions.

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