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Panel/Survey Integration

Panel/Survey integration allows for automatic data transfer between the Kinesis Survey and Kinesis Panel applications. This feature allows for panel data to be easily prepopulated into a survey project and/or for survey data to be be inserted into the panel upon survey completion.

1:  Survey Configuration

If the survey installation is linked to the panel installation, a panel must first be selected within the Survey Properties:

The following integration mode surveys are available:


Registration (Register in Community Portal)

A public access survey, which upon completion will insert the panelist into the panel and send them the double opt-in email confirmation. Used within the Register/Update component within Kinesis Community Portal to add new panelist.

Registration update (Update account in Community Portal)

Allows existing panelist to update their registration profile information. Used within the Register/Update component within Kinesis Community Portal.

Survey (Any survey launched from Kinesis Panel™)

Any survey that is attached to a project within Kinesis Panel. Data can be prepopulated into the survey and/or sent back to datapoints within the panel. The completion status will automatically be recorded in the panel upon completion of the survey.

2:  Datapoint Mapping

To connect to Kinesis Panel datapoints use the action pulldown to select desired data movement option. Next pick the datapoint to connect to. The system will automatically only display the datapoints that are available for connection. This depends on the number of choices (multiple choice questions) and question type.

       Prepopulate the question with a panel datapoint response

       Write the collected repsonse back to a panel datapoint

   Load and save
       Prepopulate the question with a panel datapoint response AND write the collected response back to the same panel datapoint

This same feature is also available from a quick-access icon within the Survey Editor by clicking the  icon.

2.1:  Automatically Create Panel Datapoints

Choose **CREATE DATAPOINT** option to automatically create a matching datapoint in the panel. You cannot create a datapoint automatically if there is already a datapoint using the same question label.

2.2:  Previewing Data Connection

Click on the magnifying glass to preview the panel datapoint. Use this feature to verify that the choices are mapped corrected between Panel and Survey.

2.3:  Clearing Warnings

Sometimes you may experience warnings about an integrated question. This may happen when a datapoint is deleted or modified on the panel side or if the question has been altered in the survey (i.e. new choices have been added). Use the magnifying class to compare the survey question to the panel datapoint. To clear the warning simply check the "Clear warning" checkbox.

3:  Order of Response Prepopulation

If Panel/Survey integration is being used to prepopulate a questions response within a survey with panel data in conjunction with other prepopulation methods it may be important to note the order in which responses will be loaded.

  1. Pull data from Panel to populate question (assuming sync feature used on question)
  2. If no data from Panel, check for prepopulated data from URL
  3. If no data from URL, check for prepopulated data from CSV file
  4. If no data from CSV file, check for default answer condition

Once data is found from one of the existing "sources" above, processing stops – i.e. the next process in line does not overwrite a previous process.

For example, if you have a hidden question in the survey that uses a default answer condition to compute and store a value based on previous question's response, it is NOT advised to also load a response from panel. Doing so will prevent your hidden question from updating correctly based on potentially new responses to the previous questions because it will always store the response loaded from panel instead. You can still pass the data back to Panel if needed.

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