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The Kinesis HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG Editor. The acronym means "What You See Is What You Get" - a system in which content (formatting, text, and images) displayed onscreen during editing correspond closely with the final product - in this case, your Kinesis Survey questions, pages and themes. The HTML Editor is an "HTML simplifier" tool used to edit the look and feel of content without prior knowledge of HTML, by providing an interface similar to most mainstream document editors.

Here is a screenshot example of our WYSIWYG editor within Kinesis Survey:

While the HTML Editor is a handy tool for simple text changes and image uploads, due to its rigidity it is not recommended for HTML Ranges, complex CSS styling, or Extra Text questions with javascript and/or style properties. In many cases, the HTML Editor will strip out custom code that may interfere with the WYSIWYG formatting. To bypass this, you must select the NO EDITOR  option at the top left of your question editing window. HTML edited in this fashion will bypass the WYSIWYG and not be stripped of conflicting elements and characters.

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