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Search and Replace Text

The search and replace function allows the user to search and modify specified text within your Survey Editor such as question text, conditions, and quota filters. This search function can also be used to modify your project's information pages. For more info on information pages, see the Info Page Manager entry.

Search For - enter the text to search for in this input.

Replace With - enter the text you wish to replace the search text with in this input.

Case Sensitiveness - use this dropdown to specify whether your search is case sensitive.

Search in the Following - specify which question types you wish to include in your search. Options include:

  • Question Texts - question text of any answerable question type
  • Question choices - response options in radio, checkbox and pulldown questions
  • Extra html - all non-HTML text content in an extra text question
  • Validation error messages - validation error text (validation condition is separate option)
  • Matrix Table structures - all header text, rating scales, and text within a matrix
  • Form Table structures - all non-HTML text content in a form table
  • Information pages - all information pages for this project
  • Question condition - text within question conditional statements
  • Choice condition - text within radio/check/pulldown response choice conditional statements
  • Validation condition - text within validation syntax (validation error message is separate option)
  • Quota filter condition - text within syntax for all quota filters

Note: this feature does not work with HTML elements at this time. HTML tags are ignored during the search.

From Question / To Question - these dropdowns allow you to specify a range of questions to search within.

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