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Email Alerts

Email alerts features allow conditional email alerts to be sent to users upon completion of a survey.

For example, you can alert a specific demographic of a survey by using conditional syntax such as:

$Q1==1 AND $Q2==3

In this instance, only respondents who answered Q1 with a 1 and Q2 with a 3 will receive an invitation. This type of conditional alert makes it very simple to pre-screen and categorize your sample, so only respondents who fit a specific criteria are sent an invitation.

  • Name: Give your alert a name, which will be used as the subject for your email alert. This name cannot contain HTML.
  • Description: Optional. The description will be included in the body of the email alert. Datapoints can be piped into the description to personalize the email. See Piping Data for details.
  • Condition: The condition to trigger the alert. This can be entered via the Kinesis Survey Condition Editor or by manually typing the syntax in the textbox. See the Conditional Logic entry for details on this syntax.
  • Email alerts to: Email address where the alert will be sent to. Multiple emails can be separated with a semi-colon. The email will contain the alert description and respondent info such as identifier, email address, first name and last name.
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