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Template Manager

The Template Manager is a library of questions that can be re-used throughout your Kinesis Survey installation. By templating question sets, Kinesis users can quickly and easily access previously built survey content to avoid reprogramming something they've done before. HTML ranges, matrix tables, and demographic question sets are ideal content for templating.

To start your template library, you must use the Template Question tool located in your Survey Editor

1:  Templating a Single Question

To template any question at any time, simply right-click on it and choose "Template question" from the popup menu.

You must then give the templated question a name and category and click "Template".

2:  Templating Question Ranges, Groups, & Matrix and Form Tables

To template a range or group of questions, groups, tables, form tables, or HTML range, you need to select the first and last question to be included from the Survey Editor. Next, click the  icon in the left-side toolbox. You must then give the templated questions a name and category and click "Template". For Matrix and Form Tables, you can right click on the table and specify that you would like to template the question.

Note that when inserting questions from the Template Manager, you will then be prompted with a popup box to choose from which point you want the new question labels to roll from and where you want to insert them in the survey.

3:  Conditions and Custom Validations

When creating templates that use Conditional Logic or Response Validation, you will have to make sure that they only reference labels contained within the template being created. Referencing a label outside of your templated question set will result in the logic or validation being stripped from your created template. When you insert questions with conditions or custom validation from the Template Manager, the question labels in the logic will updated based on the question label you indicated in the roll labels dialog box.

4:  Categorizing Templates

When creating a new template it will give you the option of creating a new category, select a pre-existing category, or not categorizing the template. Once you have created your template you can always go back in and change the category that it belongs to. You can also rename your categories by clicking on the Category Editor icon in the upper right corner of the Template Manager.

5:  Filtering Templates by Language

The language drop down allows the list of template groups to be filtered by language. This will make it so that only groups that contain questions translated to the selected language will be displayed.

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