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Info Pages

Information pages are used by the survey engine to display various informative landing pages to respondents such as the Welcome page and Thank You page. The survey will also use other information pages when it encounters errors, when respondents resume sessions, when terminating due to a quota being full, or when other situations are encountered that require explanation. All information pages are available for both Web and Wireless survey modes. The following information pages are available:

1:  Survey pages

Access count reached
This page is shown to respondents who have already reached the limit of completions as defined within the Survey Properties.
Login page
This page is presented for surveys using the "Login" access mode before a respondent enters the survey.
Survey under maintenance
This page is what respondents would see if they try to access a survey that is currently offline.
Profile terminated page
This page is shown for respondents upon terminating from a profile quota (limit of 0)
Quota terminated
This page is shown for respondents upon terminating from a quota that is full.
Resume survey after post error
For any connection issues that occur during an active survey session, this page may be presented upon page submit.
Resume survey page
This page will be shown to anyone who has dropped out of a survey and is trying to reaccess a previously started session.
Session expired page
If a session limit is defined in the Survey Properties, this page will be shown if that limit is reached.
Survey closed page
This page will be shown if the survey has been marked as closed.
Thank you page
This page will be displayed immediately upon completion of a survey.
This page will be displayed if a respondent uses the optout link from their email invitation.
Welcome page
If enabled in the Survey Properties, this page will be shown at the beginning of each new survey session.

2:  System pages

Invalid survey invitation
This page will be shown to anyone who tries to access the survey with an invalid URL, most likely the result of missing parameters that are required.
Language selection
This page is presented for surveys with multiple languages before a respondent enters the survey. (May be bypassed if the language code is included on the incoming URL)
Session not found
This page is shown if a respondent tries to access a survey session that no longer exists.

3:  Creating custom info pages

You can create a blank / custom information page from within the Info page manager by clicking on the "Add new blank page" button.

Blank pages can be used for html integration within the survey (e.g., if you want a javascript popup or html page separate from your survey--like a Terms and Conditions page). These pages can be completely empty or alternatively you can create themed page that use the currently selected survey theme. If you want to pipe data from a question into a custom info page, it will need to be a themed page. These pages are not available for wireless use. Upon creating a new info page, its URL will be displayed in the list of Info pages.

4:  Info Page Piping

Information pages can also contain additional tags such as %FIRSTNAME% and %LASTNAME%. These special variables will be replaced by each respondent's unique information, when pre-uploaded to the Respondent Management under a data variable of the same name.

NEW! It is also possible to pipe directly from the URL by using special notation ~IN_xxxx~ where xxxx is the name of the URL parameter. For example, to pipe a membership code from the URL onto an information page:

In this example, the parameter name is "memcode" and its value is "1234567". To display the membership code to the respondent on a welcome page you need to insert:

~IN_memcode~ anywhere on the page and it will be replaced with value "1234567".

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