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List Manager

1:  What is List Manager?

The List Manager allows you to create and manage response choice lists for use in radio, checkbox, ranking, card sort and matrix table question types. This feature is helpful when programming a survey that uses the same list of items in multiple questions. Creating a list is also a required step in using the looping function, which is discussed later in this section.

To create a new list, click the "Add new list" button and follow the creation wizard, much like when you design a new question. To edit an existing list, select the "Edit list" button. To delete an existing list, click the "Delete list" button. Confirmation of the deletion is required.

  • The name field is the name of the list. It's used for easy reference when creating questions based on the list.
  • The label field is an identifier used to label loop items in drilldown and data exports and for piping loop items into the question text.
  • The description field is a detailed description of the list. This field is optional.

You can re-order, randomize and add/delete the list options. This will affect every question/matrix that uses this list.

2:  List of Question Responses

To access a list during the question creation process, select the question type. On the question creation page, a dropdown input with all available lists will be available. Select the response list you'd like to use, and that list will autopopulate when the question is created on the next page.

Once you've associated a list with a question in your survey, you can modify which response list items to include/exclude by selecting the List Properties tab on the Question Properties page.

A list used in a radio, checkbox, ranking or card sort question cannot be modified in the survey editor. The change must be made in the list manager and it will affect all questions using this list.

3:  Using a List for Looping

Looping is an extremely efficient way to program large sets of similar or identical questions using the List Manager. First, create the question or questions you wish to repeat in a loop in the Survey Editor. Next, select the List Manager feature and create a list of items. Each list item represents a single iteration and can be used to display dynamic variables (such as brands or attributes) into the question content. The below example is a list of 3 items, which we'll use for our looping example.


Once we've created our list of items, we can build the loop within the Survey Editor. Select the question or set of questions you wish to loop through, and click the Create Loop option . Note that a loop label MUST begin with the letter "L", much like your question datapoints must always begin with "Q". Choose your list from the dropdown and click 'Create' to build your loop! For more detailed information, see the Looping article.

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