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Testing Surveys

There are multiple ways to test a survey within Kinesis, each of them with their own advantages yet we always highly suggest taking the survey as an actual respondent as the best quality check.

1:  Test Links

The built-in test links provided by Kinesis allow you to test the survey as an actual respondent with a few exceptions:

  • Everytime the link is used you have the option of resuming the survey from where you left off, starting at the beginning, or starting a completely new session.
  • Debug information is printed above the survey content that can give insight into some of the hidden processes for each page, such as:
    • Which questions were shown
    • Which questions were bypassed
    • Whether there were any errors in processing default answer logic or piping statements
    • Which quota filters were written to
    • Which question or quota filters triggered a termination
  • Question labels precede the question text
  • Completions do not actually store as a "COMPLETED" status. They do increment quota filters, so it may be necessary to force update the quotas after testing.
  • Test links are excluded from billing if you are operating under a pay-per-complete licensing agreement

Resuming the survey with a test link

Debugging information while using a test link

1.1:  Survey Test Run

While programming a survey in the Survey Editor, you may click the blue play-button icon to test the survey in a new window.

1.2:  Unique Testing Links

From the My Survey Project page, clicking the link next to the globe icon will open a popup that contains 10 unique testing links. These links function similar to the Survey Test Run feature in the Survey Editor but contain a unique ID appended to each one. This unique ID is stored in the identifier system field within the data allowing you to more easily track each testing session separately. This feature is handy for sharing unique testing links with colleagues or clients.

2:  Survey Tester

The Survey Tester can quickly create numerous sessions that can then be used with Kinesis reporting tools to verify that data is getting stored properly. The Survey Tester is also a good way to check that quota filters and terminations are working as they should.

More information can be found here.

3:  Testing Tips

The following tips may be helpful when testing:

  • Setting the survey property "Limit number of completed interviews per respondent to" to 0 during testing will allow you to test unlimited times as the same respondent.
  • Even if you are not intending to enable the "Back" button while the survey is in field, it may be useful when testing, allowing you to back up and change responses to ensure that any branch or conditional logic is working correctly
  • The Drill Down tool can be used while testing to change previous responses, allowing you to test any branch or conditional logic without having to go back in the survey.
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