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Upload Respondents

To send invitations for a closed online survey, you must first upload a sample list. The Upload Respondents feature, also known as the Respondent Manager, allows you to upload your sample file in a comma delimited format. System fields used to uniquely identify each respondent can be included in your upload, including:

Available system fields are:

  • First Name - first name of the respondent. Optional field, duplicates allowed.
  • Last Name - last name of the respondent. Optional field, duplicates allowed.
  • Identifier (60 character limit) - a unique identifier for Invited and Verified access methods. Must be unique.
  • Email (60 character limit) - a valid email address, used with the Invitation Manager. Must be unique.
  • Wireless Email - a valid mobile email address, used with the Invitation Manager. Must be unique.
  • Wireless # - a mobile device phone number, used for SMS invitations.
  • Carrier ID - the carrier ID for a cellular provider, used for mobile emails and SMS invitations.
  • Login name - a login name for Login access method. Also required password.
  • Password - a unique password for Login access method. Also required login.
  • Group - a variable to separate groups of respondents into subgroups. Used with the Invitation Manager for scheduling invites.

Note: Do not include a header row in your CSV file. It will cause an error.

When uploading your CSV file there are a few options available:

  • If respondent exists: You can choose to either skip respondents if they exist or update them.
  • Update email status to: Lets you update email status to OK, Bounced or Invalid.
  • Update by using: Lets you select which system field, either Email, Identifier, Wireless #, or Login to match respondents to when updating.

After uploading your file, you will be shown the Results from your upload. The Results will notify you of how many total respondents were uploaded successfully, how many were skipped, and how many were invalid. If there are any errors with your file you will see them here as well. After viewing the Results you have the option to return to the Respondent Manager(also available from the General Management menu.)

Wireless respondents

If you are sending email invitations then the only required field will be Email. If you are sending SMS Text Invitations to mobile respondents then the Wireless # and Carrier ID are required (see list of supported Carrier IDs below). If the survey is running in either Invitation or Verified mode then the Identifier field will be required and if running in Login mode theLogin name and Password fields will be required as well.

Carrier IDs
ID Carrier Name Email
10 Alltel
1 AT&T Wireless
17 Bell Mobility
19 Boost Mobile
11 Cellular One
2 Cingular
13 Cricket
3 Metrocall
18 MetroPCS
4 Nextel
14 QWest
16 Rogers Wireless
5 Sprint
9 SunCom
7 T-Mobile
15 Telus Mobility
20 US Cellular
8 Verizon
12 Virgin Mobile
6 VoiceStream
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