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Design Invitations

The next step to sending out invites is to “Design Invitations”, which can be accessed from the “Invitations” menu. There are three invitation types available from the Invitation Designer:

  • New Text Invitation: Lets you create a plain text invitation. The text invitation is recommended for higher compatibility among email providers since some do not allow html formatting.
  • New HTML Invitation: Lets you create an invitation with full html integration using a WYSIWYG editor. You will also have the option to specify alternate link text for both the survey link and the opt out link.
  • New SMS Invitation: Lets you create an SMS text message invite for mobile respondents. Text should be limited since many carriers place character limitations on incoming messages.

1:  Piping Survey Information

Each invitation type allows the use of substitution variables that pipe in unique respondent data when sending the invite, such as name, the opt out link and the survey link. Available substitution variables are below:

  • %SURVEYLINK% will be replaced with the actual survey link.
  • %MOBILELINK% will be replaced with the mobile version of the survey link (which means the portion of the link will be removed, enabling our system to determine the device type and display the survey accordingly).
  • %OPTOUTLINK% will be replaced with an unsubscribe link address.
  • %FIRSTNAME% will be substituted with respondent's first name. If respondent's first name was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.
  • %LASTNAME% will be substituted with respondent's last name. If respondent's last name was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.
  • %EMAIL% will be substituted with respondent's email address. If respondent's email address was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.
  • %IDENTIFIER% will be substituted with respondent's identifier. If respondent's identifier was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.
  • %LOGIN% will be replaced with respondent's login. If respondent's login was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.
  • %PASSWORD% will be replaced with respondent's password. If respondent's password was not preloaded, an empty substitution will occur.

All invitations sent from Kinesis must be CAN-SPAM compliant. Your respondents must agree to participate and you must include a physical address as a means of getting removed from further invites. For more info, see:

2:  Changing or Modifying Invitations

After creating an invitation, it will be listed on the Invitation Designer page and from here you will have several options:

 Edit Invitation - Edit the survey invitation text or HTML.
 Preview Invitation - Preview the survey invitation as it would appear in the email client.
 Schedule Invitation - Begin scheduling your survey invitations. See Schedule Manager for details.
 Copy Invitation - Make a copy of this invitation.
 Delete Invitation - Delete this email invitation.

3:  Using Built-in Secure Links in Kinesis Survey Invitations

Typically in Invitation mode, the survey link requires a unique identifier or email parameter. For example:

However when sending invites through the Kinesis Survey Invitation system (not the panel), and using the piping syntax %SURVEYLINK% to generate the unique link, they will automatically use “rid” and a “vh” hash code. This makes the link more secure, because if a respondent tampers with any part of the link, it will restrict access. For example:

Note: The "locale" parameter is automatically included in all generated survey links. This allows additional languages to be added to your survey later without invalidating previous invitation links.

3.1:  Restrictions

Custom parameters are not allowed to be appended to the built-in secure link syntax. This is because any additional text on the link will render the hash code invalid. This includes a custom "pcid" for exit links. If you are needing to attach custom parameters for prepopulation, please use Prepop from CSV instead. If absolutely necessary to include custom URL parameters on the invitation link generated from Kinesis Survey, you can forgo using the %SURVEYLINK% piping and hardcode the link into your invite (piping in the unique identifier/email). For example:

4:  Using Spam Score

As of version 5.5.7 of survey, we now calculate a Spam Assassin Spam Score for each invitation designed. This helps determine whether or not there will be issues with email delivery based on the content of the email. You can hover over the score to see a break-down of the total in order to address any issues before launching. For best results, keep your Spam Score under 5 - anything greater will lead to email delivery issues.

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