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Schedule Invites

If a respondent has opted out from a previous invitation for the current Survey project, then they will automatically be excluded from future invitations within the project.

The Invitation Scheduler can be accessed from the Invitation menu or from the Schedule Invitation icon next to each invitation in the Invitation Designer. After selecting which invitation to schedule, the Invitation Scheduler Wizard will present several options available according to your survey. You will first have the choice to send to "Everyone" or only "New" respondents. If already have respondent data recorded, you will also be able to send invitations to several groups based on status:

Status Select this status to send an invitation to Typical Usage
New all respondents who have not yet started the survey Initial Invitation
Dropout respondents that have started but not yet completed the survey Reminder
Quota Terminated were quota terminated in the survey Thank You
Profile Terminated who were profile terminated (screened out) in the survey Thank You
Completed all respondents who completed the survey Thank You
Everyone all respondents in the respondent manager Initial Invitation

The next screen will allow you to choose which respondent subgroups to send to as defined when uploading respondents. Finally you will need to define the sender’s name, a Reply-to address, and the Main launch date and time (Sender email address cannot be changed since most email providers will block any incoming messages not associated with the domain which they get sent from.)

The following screen will list all scheduled invitations and there will be several actions to choose from. You will also be able to see the status of your invitation on the left side of the screen. Note that a warning message will appear if you haven't published your survey yet.

Available Actions

Confirm Invitation
This must be done before any invitations are sent out. Make any last checks or revisions and make sure that the survey is published before confirming the invite.
Send Test Email
Lets you send a copy of the invitation to yourself and allows manually inputted system fields to be used for substitution variables.
Preview Message
Lets you view your invitation from your browser. You should still send a test invite to yourself to make sure all info and formatting shows up correctly.
Edit Message
Lets you change the invitation design, modify send and scheduling options, confirm the invite, or copy the invitation.
View Invitation Delivery Statistics
This option will only be made available after an invitation has been sent.
Delete Message
This will delete the scheduled invitation (but not the invitation design).


 Scheduled but not confirmed
 Successfully sent
 Currently sending
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