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Topline Report

Topline Report contains the number of answers and skips for each question plus frequencies and errors for multiple choice questions. Error margins are calculated by using 95% confidence value (z=1.96) [Margin of Error Formula]. Numeric responses also contain min, max, mean, and standard deviation.

On the next page you will need to click on Add new configuration. Name your report, select the questions you want to use, pick a time range, apply data filters, and choose which respondent data will be included. You have the option to output the report to the screen, Excel, or Powerpoint. Once that is done click on Save.

One of our newest feature's gives our users the ability to output a Topline report to Powerpoint.

When you output to Powerpoint you will want to create a custom Powerpoint theme to your report. You can create and edit this theme from the Themes manager under the Powerpoint themes" tab.

When editing the Powerpoint theme you will have the following options:

  • PowerPoint theme builder - Drag and resize the elements on the page to design your PowerPoint® theme. Double click on the image to change it.
  • Set background - Select the image from the list to set as the background image for the PowerPoint® slide.
  • Save - Save the changes made to the PowePoint® theme.

Once you select the type of output you would like to use you will be directed to this page:

You can also add charts to your report by selecting the  icon next to your report name. This will pull up the Chart Configuration screen, which will have a list of the questions in your topline report. To the far right of each question there is a pulldown menu that allows you to select the Chart type for each question: Pie, Doughnut, Area, Bar, Column, and Line graphs are available. Each type can be previewed by clicking on the “Preview” icon to the right of the Chart dropdown menu. The preview is simulated and does not reflect the actual data for that question. Select the SAVE THIS CONFIGURATION button when you are finished.

From the main Topline Report page, you can click on the  icon next to your report name to produce your Topline Report.

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