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Card Sort Analysis

Card Sort Analysis is a reporting and export tool for the Kinesis Card Sort Question, one of the many advanced question types available.


To configure your Card Sort Report, select which respondent groups you would like to include from the status: Complete, Quota Terminates, Profile Terminates, and Dropouts.

Report Types

Next select which report types to include from the following:

Choices X Categories

This option shows how many times each choice was placed in each category.

Choices X Choices

Tells how many times each choice was placed in the same category with another choice.

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis clusters choices based on the distance between choices. There are several methods to determine the distance between two clusters. Kinesis allows the use of any of the following three:

Single Linkage

The distance between two clusters is calculated as the distance of the two closest choices.

Complete Linkage

The distance between two clusters is calculated as the distance between the two clusters of the greatest distance.

Average linkage

The distance between two clusters is determined by the average distance between all choices in the clusters.</li> The results of the cluster is shown as a dendrogram (hierarchical tree). The numbers along the top of the image is the distances ruler and is used to show the distance between each cluster. A cluster is represented by a horizontal line from either a card (choice) or another cluster to a vertical line connecting to another horizontal line again from either a card (choice) or another cluster. The distance of the cluster is where the horizontal line is along the distance ruler. The different background colors for each card (choice) separate the clusters into groups based on the average distance between clusters.

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)

Multidimensional Scaling is a method that provides a visual representation of the closeness of items. MDS plots choices on a map. Choices that are similar to each other are close together, and objects that are different from each other are far away from each other.

Report Generation

You can either generate an on-screen report or Excel report. Both reports are identical. The Excel reports will be stored to Reports Repository for downloading.