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Charts and Statistics (Survey)

This feature generates a detailed data report with statistics for each question. Select Charts and Statistics from the Results and Data menu to go to the configuration screen.

Data for each question can be pulled up by clicking on the question in the far left column. At the top there are several options for selecting the data range to be displayed.

The  icon on the upper right will allow you to exit the configuration screen.

After a question has been selected, the chart will be displayed in the center of the screen, with statistics at the bottom. The statistics include Summary statistics for each question, such as the mean and standard deviation, and a Frequency table.

In the upper left of the Chart box there are multiple options for viewing the data. The  icon determines which type of chart will be used to represent the data: Pie, Doughnut, Area, Bar, Column, or Line graphs. The  icon allows you to download a high resolution JPG or PNG of the chart. The chart may also be exported to Excel or added to a ZIP archive using the  icon.

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