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Drill Down

Drill Down allows you to view or edit the datapoints collected within your projects.

1:  Question Selection & Data Fields

The opening screen for Drill Down allows you to select the questions and metadata you'd like to view. Additionally, you can select the status types you wish to see - completed surveys, profiled respondents, terminates, or drop outs (incompletes).

To select multiple records, check the first datacase, and while pressing the shift key, check the last datacase. All cases between the two checkboxes will select. You can also specify time ranges or Logical and High Speed Data Filters you wish to apply. For a full list of options available to you, see the screenshot below.

Once you've made your selections, select Start Drill Down to see your data cases.

2:  View, Edit & Delete Responses

Your data should now be displayed for the criteria selected. To edit data, select the cell you wish to modify. To delete data cases, select each case via the checkbox in the Selectcolumn. Once you've checked the datacases to remove, select Delete Selected Responses at the bottom of the screen. Removing a respondent's data will not remove them from your sample - it only clears their data. See the Respondent Manager entry for details on removing respondents. Your survey statistics (quotas, percent completion rate, etc.) will update to reflect these deletions.

To remove all respondents from a project, do not use Drill Down. Use the Delete Responses option under Results and Data.

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