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Raw Data Exporter

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Raw Data Exporter is used to output your survey data. Various file types are available for export. Once an export has been run, your file will be available for download in the Reports Repository.

To begin, select Define a New Datasource. This allows you to select the datapoints and metadata for your export file, or filters for selecting only specific respondents. Once you've selected the criteria for your data export, select Save Data Source. Your data criteria will be saved on this screen and will now be available for use for the duration of your project. Select the Use this Datasource icon to run the exporter and select your file type.

Kinesis Survey offers several file types for data export, including:

  • Microsoft Excel Workbook - (with options for decoding and exporting response labels)
  • Delimited - (comma or tab)
  • ASCII Fixed Width - (with options for Excel Codebook and HTML output)
  • SPSS - (with options for Windows Latin, Cyrillic, and UTF-8 encoding)
  • Triple-S - (with options for v1.2 and v2.0 XML description files)
  • MarketSight Dataset - (available with MarketSight license and integration enabled)

Once you've specified your file name, type, and time range, select Start Data Export. Small export files should appear in the Reports Repository within a few seconds. For larger exports, your file will be generated in the background and you will be emailed when available. Note, your email address must be correctly entered in the Your Account Settings.

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