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Delete Responses

Kinesis Survey allows three different methods for removing test data or bad data from a survey. The option is primarily used to remove all responses and respondent records that have already been submitted to your survey. You will find it in the Results and data menu.

You will be asked to confirm that you actually want to delete all the responses. Select Click here to proceed to be taken to the security question page. Enter the security code and click on DELETE ALL RESPONSES.

1:  Delete Responses in Drill Down

Individual survey sessions can be deleted directly within drill down. Deleting records from drill down will only delete the collected data for a particular respondent and session. It will not delete the respondent record stored in the Respondent Manager.

To delete a particular session in drill down, run drill down as you normally would. Select the record(s) you wish to delete, or select the "select all" button if you wish to delete all records. Next, click the "Delete selected responses" button.

Please note that records deleted in drill down cannot be recovered.

2:  Delete Respondents from Respondent Manager

The Respondent Manager contains one record for every respondent that has entered the survey. Each respondents and all related survey sessions can be deleted directly within the Respondent Manager.

Please note that deleting a respondent record also removes all related survey sessions and data. This process cannot be undone.

2.1:  Deleting Select Respondents

To delete only select respondents, navigate to the Respondent Manager. Next, select the browse button to see a list of all recorded respondents.

Select the respondents you wish to delete. You may also choose "Select All" to delete all respondents. Click the "Deleted selected" button to delete the respondents.

2.2:  Deleting All Respondents

To delete all respondents in the respondent manager without browsing, simply use the "Delete all" button.

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