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Logical Data Filters

This page covers Logical Data Filters. See the High Speed Data Filters page for details on that feature.

Data filters are used limit the amount of data displayed in features such as Batch Update or Drill Down. Logical data filters utilize the same tools and functions as conditions. Anything that matches the filter's condition will be included in retrieved data sets and everything else will be omitted.

Creating a logical data filter

To create a new logical data filter, select Add data filter on the Logical data filters page. The following screen allows you to specify the logical data filter properties.

Filter name is required and can be any descriptive name for your filter.

Description: Sometimes filters can be very complicated and in those cases it is good practice to write a detailed description of the filter’s function into the description field. This field is optional.

Filter condition contains the conditional statement which is used to evaluate which data is filtered out. When the data filter is applied, the data that is displayed will be data for which this condition is true. Click on the  icon to use the condition editor to easily construct your filter condition.

Logical data filters apply conditional logic solely on the basis of how respondents have answered specific questions. For instance, in the following example:

To view responses on all selected questions from males only, create a logical data filter using the conditional logic: $Q1==2

Using logical data filters

Logical data filters can be applied to any report wherever the logical data filter menu is displayed.

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