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High Speed Data Filters

This page covers the use of High Speed Data Filters. See the Logical Data Filters page for that feature.

High speed data filters are simple filters designed for speed. Though they are less versatile than Logical Data Filters, they take far less time to process, and are recommended for simple filters based on individual datapoints.

Creating a High Speed Data Filter

To create a new high speed data filter, select Add data filter on the high speed data filters page. This will bring up the high speed data filter wizard:

Select the first field or question number you would like to use in the drop down menu. In this example, we want to view data from those who selected “Male” for Q1.

Next select the operator for this filter condition. The condition we want for this example is $Q1==2, so EQUALS is selected.

Click “Add statement” and the condition will appear below. Complete the condition by selecting the appropriate answer choice. Additional condition statements may be added to the filter, for up to a total of sixty statements. Click “Save” when you are finished and the filter will be created.

Using High Speed Data Filters

Logical data filters can be applied to any report wherever the logical data filter menu is displayed.

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