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Manage Portals

The Reporting Portal tool is used to create portals where Crosstab and Topline reports may be presented to your client. Each portal can be viewed in a custom theme created in the Reporting Portal Theme Manager, and user access to each portal can be managed in the Reporting Portal User Manager.

Creating a reporting portal

  1. To create a new portal, select Manage Portals from the Reporting portal menu.

    Reporting portals menu selection?

  2. Select the “Add new portal” button to continue.
  3. The next page will have some configuration options for the new portal. Name your portal and provide a description (optional). The name is only for internal use and will not be visible when viewing the portal.
  4. Designate a page title. This will appear at the top of the browser window.
  5. Next, choose a theme to use for this reporting portal. You can create new themes by going to the Reporting Portal Theme Manager.
  6. Choose whether you would like this portal to be viewed by all users or select users. Note that access to any reporting portal requires a login, so you will need to create one for your client in the User Manager.
  7. Click on the Crosstab Reports tab and the Topline Reports tab to designate which reports will be included in this portal. If you have created any Logical and High Speed Data Filters, you can choose available filters in the Datafilters tab.

When the portal has been created, you will see your portal on the Manage Portals page. The  icon allows you to access the portal.

Next to the portal name there will be a client link that should be given to clients who need access to that reporting portal. The  icon allows you to modify access privileges for users who have been created in the Reporting Portal User Manager. In addition, the  icon can be used to edit this portal at any time.

Example reporting portal (default theme)

Note that data filters that have been applied to crosstabs/topline configurations will not appear for those reports in the portal until you select that filter from within the portal.

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