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My Account (Survey)

1:  Account Details

Account Details shows all information pertinent to your Kinesis Survey user, and allows you to change certain characteristics relating to your account date and time.

  • Username - The login name for the Kinesis Survey installation.
  • Email Address - The user's email, typically used for sending system notification emails and configuring invitations.
  • First Name & Last Name - The user's name. This information is used for default naming of reports in the Reports Repository.
  • Time Zone - The time zone for the Kinesis user. Used for timestamping reports and scheduling invitations.
  • Date & Time Format - These dropdowns allow you to select the date and time format for your Survey interface.

2:  Account Preferences

Account Preferences allows a user to configure the default behavior of the software, including language and survey preferences, copy/paste parsing rules, and toggling the software's notifications and warnings. By configuring your account to best match your programming needs, users can save time and streamline the survey building process.

To access your Account Preferences, select My Account under the General Management menu. In My Account, Account Preferences will be the second tab.

Preferences that can be modified include:

2.1:  General Settings

Default Language: The default language to use when a survey is being created.

Auto Add Page Break: When creating new question, automatically include page breaks.

2.2:  Copy and Paste Parsing

Delete Bracketed Text: Delete text in brackets [] at the end of a line. Used to remove interviewer or programmer instructions pasted from instrument.

Delete Leading Numerals: Delete numeric characters at start of line. This removes question numbers or response codes copied from the instrument.

Delete All Tabs: Delete all tab spacing when pasting.

Delete Leading Spaces: Delete all spaces at start of line.

Delete HTML Code: Delete HTML code copied from instrument.

Delete Empty Lines: Removes all empty lines (no text) from pasted content.

Convert Smartquote: Convert Microsoft smart quotes (proprietary Office suite quotes) to basic quotes.

2.3:  Warnings & Notifications

Deleting Questions: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting question(s).

Deleting Custom HTML Range: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting an HTML range.

Deleting Form Table: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting a form table.

Deleting Question Group: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting a question group.

Relabeling Choices: Toggle confirmation lertwhen relabeling response choices.

Email on Completed Export: Send user an email message when export process finishes.

3:  Account Integration Settings

This tab allows the user to integrate their user account with an active MarketSight® or TrueSample™ account.

3.1:  MarketSight® Integration

This option needs to be enabled by both Kinesis and MarketSight before use. To enable this feature with Kinesis, email Technical Support. Once enabled, you can enter your login and password here to complete integration.

To enable this feature with MarketSight, contact your MarketSight account representative and request Web Services be enabled.

Once enabled, your SPSS export files will automatically be uploaded to your MarketSight account for immediate use.

3.2:  TrueSample™ Integration

TrueSample™ integration allows the use of MarketTools TrueSample™ Survey Validation which helps in ensure data quality by verifying that each survey respondent is:

  • Real - Respondent must be who and where they say they are.
  • Unique - Respondent can never be allowed to enter a survey twice.
  • Engaged - Participants Must provide honest, thoughtful responses.

TrueSample™ Validation enables researchers to identify and eliminate fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents when they take a survey. The respondent is first redirected to TrueSample's Respondent Data Collection service. This service will collect all data required to validate that the respondent is real (only available if Show name/address form is "yes") and unique. Based on the name and address a respondent provides TrueSample™ uses a third-party data provider to validate that the respondent's information represents a "real" person. Once a respondent is validated as "real", the respondent will always be recognized as "real". TrueSample™ identifies any non Unique or "duplicate" respondents using two methods. If the Info preference is set to "yes" it first identifies any repeat name and address pairs within the survey as duplicates. Next it uses Digital Fingerprinting technology to examine the respondent's machine configuration to ensure that the same computer is not used to take the same survey more than once. During the course of the survey, the respondents engagement is calculated by how fast survey pages are answered and how matrix table answers are provided. This helps eliminate respondents who are speeding or straight-lining through the survey.

TrueSample™ account ID
Unique TrueSample™ account ID provided by MarketTools. If you do not have a TrueSample™ account and would like to, contact or call 866-499-3750
TrueSample™ passcode
Passcode associated with Truesample™ account Id. If you have forgot your passcode. Contact and be sure to include your company, division and account ID in the email.
Supplier ID
This allows you to associate respondents to a particular supplier/panel. If no supplier ID is set "unknown" will be shown in TrueSample™ reports. Supplier ID may also be specified by including supplier-id=[SUPPLIERID] in the respondent survey link. Where [SUPPLIERID] is the supplier ID from TrueSample™
Client ID
Unique ID for the researcher provided by MarketTools. If no client ID is set "unknown" will be shown in TrueSample™ reports.
Show name/address form
Whether or not the name and address collection form should be display to respondents when starting a survey. NOTE: if this is set to "no" all respondents will be considered "rea" and there for real validation is disabled.
Validation options
Determines which validations (real, unique, engaged) to perform for each respondent.
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