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Users and Privileges (Survey)

Kinesis allows for multiple user accounts with privileges that can be adjusted accordingly.

Setting up Users and Privileges

Users and Privileges is found within the General management menu. Accounts can be created for Admin level users who have full privileges or basic user accounts can be created with privileges manually defined. All existing users can be viewed, modified, or deleted from the “Users and Privileges” page.

Note: The number of user accounts may be restricted according to your licensing agreement. Survey also supports configurable password strength - length, number of special characters and numberic requirements can be enforced for user passwords. To utilize this feature, contact your account manager.

Add new user

The following fields are required when adding new users and can also be modified for existing users:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Time Zone
  • Account Role (User or Admin)
  • Create new surveys (Yes or No)
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Modifying privileges

For basic user accounts, privileges need to be manually set for each survey. After selecting Modify privileges from the Users and Privileges page, you are able to select which survey or group of surveys you want to add/modify privileges for. Next, you will then be able to select which users you will be adding/modifying privileges for. The following privileges can be turned on and off by clicking the corresponding checkbox(es).

See list below for more details.

This allows users to see the Results & Data menu and giving them access to: Survey frequencies, Topline report, Chart & statistics, Drill down, Cross tabs, Advanced cross tabs, Quota monitor, Media manager, Logical data filters, and High speed data filters.
Edit survey
This allows users to see the Survey Functions Menu and gives them access to: Survey Editor, Survey Properties, Search and Replace, Prepopulate Data options, Quota Manager, Question Templates, File Manager, Theme Manager, Info Page Manager, Exit Page Manager, Random Sequencer, Language Manager, and the Survey Tester. This means they will have full ability to Add, Edit, Delete, or Change anything in the previously listed items.
Delete data
This allows users to delete survey respondent data. They must also have Statistics access.
Export data
This allows users to export survey respondent data. They must also have Statistics access.
This allows users to see the Invitations Menu and allows them to design, schedule invitations, and view invitation results.
This along with personal info privilege allows users the access to Respondent Management. There they have the ability to Add, View, Edit and Delete Respondents. Users must have delete data privilege to delete respondents.
Quota monitor
This allows users to view the Quota monitor only. For a user to view the Quota manager they must have edit survey privilege.
Non-aggregate data
This allows users to see Drill down. Users must also have export data privileges to use Raw data exporter, and Batch updater.
Change data
This allows users to change respondent data either within Drill down or by Batch Update. Statistics privilege is needed as well.
Personal information
This allows users to see all Respondent's personal information (i.e. email, wireless email, identifier, and login.) Users must also have respondents privilege to see Respondent Management.
Reporting Portal
This allows users access to the Reporting Portal manager. Creating users for accessing the actual reporting portal is done through the Reporting Portal manager.
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