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Account Preferences

Account Preferences allows a user to configure the default behavior of the software, including language and survey preferences, copy/paste parsing rules, and toggling the software's notifications and warnings. By configuring your account to best match your programming needs, users can save time and streamline the survey building process.

To access your Account Preferences, select My Account under the General Management menu. In My Account, Account Preferences will be the second tab.

Preferences that can be modified include:

General Settings

Default Language: The default language to use when a survey is being created.

Auto Add Page Break: When creating new question, automatically include page breaks.

Copy and Paste Parsing

Delete Bracketed Text: Delete text in brackets [] at the end of a line. Used to remove interviewer or programmer instructions pasted from instrument.

Delete Leading Numerals: Delete numeric characters at start of line. This removes question numbers or response codes copied from the instrument.

Delete All Tabs: Delete all tab spacing when pasting.

Delete Leading Spaces: Delete all spaces at start of line.

Delete HTML Code: Delete HTML code copied from instrument.

Delete Empty Lines: Removes all empty lines (no text) from pasted content.

Convert Smartquote: Convert Microsoft smart quotes (proprietary Office suite quotes) to basic quotes.

Warnings and Notifications

Deleting Questions: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting question(s).

Deleting Custom HTML Range: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting an HTML range.

Deleting Form Table: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting a form table.

Deleting Question Group: Toggle confirmation alert when deleting a question group.

Relabeling Choices: Toggle confirmation lertwhen relabeling response choices.

Email on Completed Export: Send user an email message when export process finishes.

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