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Card Sort Examples

This example page is still in development. We'll be updating it soon! Please contact our Technical Support team for immediate help with this topic.

Add Additional Headers to Card List

This example will add additional headers to the card list used for a single card sort. It does this by adding a new DIV header before a specified card in your list., using the jQuery .before() function. The jQuery call in this example is doing the following:

  • Qcardname_10 - this is the card immediately following the new header option, e.g. Qcardname_10 would place your header above the 10th card in the list.
  • The question name, Qcardname, is specified twice - at the start of the script call and in the DIV element we are creating. It must match your question label.
  • The margins can be customized, but the values in this example fit the margin within our default card list with space for the surrounding cards.
  • This script MUST be called after the Qtext and Question placeholders to work.

<script type="text/Javascript">
$('#Qcardname_10').before('<div class="cardlisttext" id="Qcardname__cardlisttext" style="margin:3px;margin-left:-5px;">New Header</div>');
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